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Truth Teller

  • Do you want to be a truth-teller?
  • God will give you the grace to do so.
  • Lies are foolish. Keep looking at them until they seem ridiculous.
  • Lies are dangerous. All lies and deception are flirting with Satan himself. Examine a recent lie to see how it came from a heart of bondage.
  • Lies are malicious. They hurt people and wreck relationships.
  • Pay particular attention to the lies that you believe about God. !!!!

The fear of the Lord exposes lies. The light of Christ reminds us that our lives are much more public than we once thought!

Is 28:15 -
“….for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:”
Lies and deception are sin. They are not a refuge nor are they tools and weapons we use.


God Is Truth - Satan Is The Liar (say this with me)

We are commanded not to lie because GOD doesn’t lie.
Speaking the truth imitates GOD’S character.
(Ex 20:16; Zech 8:16, Col 3:9)
Falsehood violates GOD’S character. GOD is truth.
(Ps 31:5, John 1:9, 14:6, 17:3; 1 John 1:5, 5:6, 5:20)

Since God is truth, we - His offspring - are called to imitate him and be


God Is Truth - Satan Is The Liar (say this with me)

Since God is truth, and since Satan is against God at all points, it is not surprising that the kingdom of Satan consists of lies. READ John 8:44 -
“Ye are of your father the devil, …
We are prone to believing the egregious lies of Satan. Maybe we can spot a lie being put over on someone else, but we can be blinded when it comes to ourselves.


God Is Truth - Satan Is The Liar (say this with me)
Speaking truth instead of lies is a declaration of allegiance.

Jesus himself issues the same warning about lies. Mat 5:37 yes be yes, no be no.

Every believer must look closely at the ways they have imitated Satan rather than the true God.

Lies offer a temporary sense of power over others and protection for ourselves, so we must be helped to see that
lies begin with the deception of others, move on to self-deception, proceed into darkness where nothing is clear any longer, and end in death.


You say you don’t lie? HA! Let’s look within our hearts?

1. Hiding, sneaking, blaming, manipulating, avoiding, being silent as a way of avoiding, changing the subject, rationalizing, giving your word but not doing it.

2. Often we don’t even recognize lies. We tell lies when the truth would be just as easy to tell!.

3. When we think about dishonesty we usually think of the BIG ones: cheating on taxes, stealing, lying, adultery, etc. We often miss the point that to be trustworthy with much, we must first prove trustworthy with little. (Luke 16:11-12)

4. We must demonstrate our honesty at the lower end of the honesty spectrum before God will let us have greater responsibilities. When we are honest, a surprised world will give a second thought to the possibility that Chirst can make a difference in a man’s life. Amen?

5. Every difficult question will place us at the crossroads between two opposing kingdoms.

6. Often we find that we may not lie about events from years ago, but the closer your questions get to the present the more personally threatening the truth might be.

The #1 Deception: God Is Not Good
Many believe that Christ died for sins and rose from the dead, but they will also believe that being a Christian somehow keeps them from fun.

Many believe that God is not good and is mean. They say, “look how he punishes people” and “look at what He calls sin”.

These doubts and conflicting beliefs hide in our hearts undercover, only apparent when we notice what we
actually do rather than what we say.

Deception #2: I Am Good
(But I occasionally Do Bad Things)

At a very deep level, we believe that God is not as good as he says, AND we think we are better than we actually are.

By nature we are selfish. We have a bad case of sinful cravings.
READ James 1:14-15,

The TRUTH IS that Christ came to save liars –– people who are against him.

Deception #3: Escape Truth by Blaming Others READ
Genesis 3:11-13 - where it started! :)

Prosperity and Healing = Speaking The Truth To Yourself

The Christian’s goal is to keep walking in the light and to be alert to the deceptive ways we can be waylaid by Satan’s influence.

Deception is more than lying to others. It is also believing a lie. It is self-deception.

Confession = Speaking the Truth To God when we Confess - WE ARE THEN A TRUTH-TELLER!

Sometimes things are so obvious right before our eyes that we miss them. Dishonesty is like that. It is so obvious that we often miss how it tints every aspect of our life.

“A white lie doesn’t hurt anyone.” But the teller of the white lie is always a victim, robbing himself of God’s blessing. The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.

Dishonesty is a wide road. The abundant life is found in obedience. Found by so few because dishonesty stands in the way.

Moral relativism finds safe harbor in dishonesty. (Mt 7:13-14)

Case-by-case honesty.... If we have to make a decision every time, we waste a lot of energy and run the risk of making a sloppy decision or compromising our integrity.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. Mark Twain

Why not decide once and for all TO BE A TRUTH-TELLER?

We are commanded not to lie because he doesn’t lie. Speaking the truth imitates God’s character.

BE A TRUTH-TELLER - God Is Truth - Satan Is The Liar

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